About Me

I am Kenny W Rogers; I am a Real Estate Blogger. I have been in the business of blogging for the past 35 years. I was born the year 1962 to the family David and Mary Rogers of Manhattan. My parents, both of blessed memory were both in the business of property development. To this end, it is therefore that I am found the business of property development. Prior to the death of my parents, I was bequeathed with an organization which was set up basically to develop and sell properties. However, I am not talking about the company here, rather, it is about me. I also run an Estate Agency, and my agency has completed many transactions in terms helping quite a lot of clients acquire properties.

I am a columnist in the monthly newsmagazine, REALTOR. It is a magazine that focuses its reportage on the developments and happenings in the Real Estate property industry of the American economy. Should you need to meet me for a professional consultancy work, I am at your service. See my website and contact me as soon as possible.

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